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Istikhara dua to get love back

To love someone, it takes time because you first need to know that person; spend some time with her everyday and then slowly the feelings for that person in your heart will become stronger, day by day. But if that love is lost, and it happens sometimes in our lives & the person you love so much has starting loving someone else. In such situation, you need to take the help of Salat istikhara for getting love back.
The istikhara for lost love will help you in getting your love back, quickly. You can take help of pyar ko pane ka istikhara which is a rohani procedure that helps people in getting their lost love back. This pyar ko pane ka istikhara is very effective and powerful procedure in Islam. The person who has lost his love should act wisely and take the help of salat istikhara dua to get love back.
This salat istikhara for lost love has helped lot of people in getting their love back. The mind of your lover is changed by this dua and he falls in love with you once again. This salat istikhara for lost love is being performed by lot of lovers who want to get their lost love back. How to perform this
istikhara for getting love back is given below-
• The person performing this istikhara should make fresh a wuzu.
• He should perform this istikhara after namaz e isha.
• Read two rakat nafil namaz.
• Then read this salat istikhara dua to get love back – Bismillah-ir-Rahmaan-ir-Raheem.
• The person should read this dua 49 times.
• Then he should pray to Allah SWT.
• After that, he should go to sleep.
• In sha Allah in the dreams Allah SWT will show you correct results that whether getting the lover back in your life is a good option or not.
This istikhara for lost love shows the right path to the person who wants to get his love back. By performing this istikhara for getting love back, a person can know whether getting the lost love back will be right for him or not. If you really want to get the love back of that person whom you love so much you should meet our molvi ji, to get the best amal dua for love back in 3 days, in sha Allah, it will help you, Ameen!

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