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Wazifa for attract boyfriend

Since love is a beautiful thing, a robust emotional feeling between two lovers. Love should be based on truth and loyalty. This should be for Allah only. Illicit relationships are illegal and also harm in Islam. So love should be based on according to Islam.
The love which should bring both lovers together till the end of this life. There are several Ayatkarma in Quran which will help you in true love. These will help you to attract your lover. Your intentions should be right before doing this wazifa. The surah for love and attraction is as below;
• First of all, fast on Thursday. Before starting your fast on Thursday get up and make wadu and pray two rakats nimaz
• Write this Ayat on a piece of paper 9:129
Kul Twallu Faqul Hazbanallaha Laillaha illahu alaihi Tawakaltu wahuwa Rabull Arishil Azeem”.
Recite this Ayat for thirty times and each time you read it recite this dua also;
Allahumma Atifa Qalbi Falani [name of the beloved] ibn/binti Falana [his/her mother’name]Ala Falanta[your name] Binti Falanta[your mothers name].
• Wrap the piece of paper on which you have written the Ayat and all details and hand it around your shoulder or arm.
Insha Allah, your desire will be fulfilled by Allah.
Surah For Attraction Surah for attraction: do you want to attract someone in your life? Whether they may be anyone who is very important in your life? Here is a fantastic way to attract someone effectively. The surah for attraction is the most powerful surah, and this will help you to attract someone in your life who is your most favorite.
Every one of us will have some favorite person in our life, and at the same time, it is not necessary that the person whom you like, they should also love you in return. Every one of us wills some of our favorites and priorities in our life.
Sometimes we feel that the person whom we love the most should also like us in return to lead a happy life with them. For example, if you are in your school or college and you want your teachers to get attracted to you, use this surah for attraction if you’re going to draw your boyfriend or girlfriend use this surah for attraction.
You can even use this surah for attraction to attract your wife or husband. Some couples will never have an appeal on each other; love will take birth in between the couples only when they attract each other.
If they don’t get attracted to each other, there are no possibilities of love to take birth in between each other. In this case, it is not easy for couples to lead their relationship happily.
So they should make an appropriate move to develop attraction on each other. If you want to get attracted by someone or by your husband or lover, use the surah for attraction. Contact the Islamic expert to get the surah and perform it to get excited by the person whom you love the most.

Below mention are some of the problems that make obstacles in inter caste marriage and can be eliminated by inter caste marriage specialist:-