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Wazifa to break relationship

Islamic Dua to Break Haram Relationship- Negativity is something which attract us the most. We all tend to move toward things which are forbidden for us. The term ‘Haram’ in Islam, is often used for things which Allah forbade us to do, which we are not supposed to think about or practice. There are many sinful things or acts to which we are attracted to and at times it is the doing of Shaitan or his plot to divert us from the right path or the sacred path of Allah.
Dua to Break Haram Relationship
There are many things which crosses our mind even if we don’t want them to. This happens to all of us to me to you, as we are humans and we all have certain drawbacks. To Allah ideal is the one who bar such thoughts to influence his or her and keep their acts and mind clean. But, unfortunately this is not the case always, we all tend to go on to do things which we shouldn’t, even if we know that what we aredoing is not right. We lose control on our nerves so much that we fail to differentiate between the right and wrong.
Dua to get rid of haram relationship
No one is totally clean in this world, believe me on that. At some time or the other in our lives Shaitan has misguided each one of us. If you have done such a mistake or someone close to you is having an unlawful relation and you want to help them, then Inshallah, Allah is very much aware of your good intentions and he will help you out in this.
Making mistake is not an issue here but the good part here is you are realising your mistake, to know what you are doing or what you have done is wrong is more than enough for Allah. Such things like your illegal relation with someone is very difficult to hide and no matter how much you try, in some way truth comes out. If you are thinking that nobody will be able to catch you so let me tell you here point blank, Allah the almighty is aware of all your secrets and he will bring the truth out in no time. You lie and this illegal relation of yours is affecting your family more than you can even think.
Dua to leave haram relationship
If you are married and having a relationship with other man or a woman, then to Allah this is the biggest sin. Your actions are spoiling many lives and bring all your legal relations bad name. you will lose their trust forever and kids will never trust or respect you anymore. You will become the topic of peoples gossip and there would soon come a point when there would be no escape. So, before all this happens to you, I urge you to go back on the right path. Please realise this soon and seek repentance from Allah.
If there is someone in your family who is doing this sin and you want to help them out, then this is the noblest thing of all. In case your close relations like brother or sister or any of your parent is involved in such a thing or your spouse is cheating on you for your brother, then Allah will definitely help you in this period of trouble. There are many Dua in Qur’an which you can take help of to wipe out this dirt from your family or from your own life.

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