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Wazifa to get wife back

Dua To Bring My Wife Back Dua To Bring My Wife Back, Take it as a lesson for your own self and deal with it positively and maturely. Do what you didn’t do all these years in order to win her heart back. Firstly, apologize to her, show her that you are guilty and will never repeat your mistakes. Assure her with that and it is better for you that at least now you keep your ego aside. Send her gifts, visit het regularly at her parent’s house and let her meet the children.
She has all the right to meet them. It is better to all this before it is too late for everything. And, even after all these efforts she refuses to come back, then there is Allah’s ways. He is there to get you out from any problem. Go to him for the repentance and apologize for your mistakes and ask your wife back with all your heart. He will surely ease your troubles and help you get back to her.
From today, get very regular with your namaz and show Allah how badly you want her back and pray for her in your every namaz.
Dua For Wife To Return
Dua For Wife To Return, This dua is said to be very powerful to get your wife back to your house.
Procedure to perform the dua:-
First do the obligatory night prayer that is the Isha Namaz.
After performing the namaz, recite the Ayatal Kursi for the 41 times and blow it on your spouse and if she is not around then have a clear picture of her in your mind and recite the dua.
Do this without leaving once and Inshallah, Allah will soften her heart and she will surely come back to you.
Dua For Bringing Wife Back
Dua For Bringing Wife Back, This dua will fill the heart of your wife with love for you.
Procedure to perform the dua:-
Make a fresh ablution.
Read the dua “La Haula wala Quwatta Illah Billah” for 40 times.
Once you are done with this, read the dua, “Ya ar hamar Rahimeen”.
After this, pray to Allah, shoe him your repentance and ask to get your wife back. Allah will definitely grant you with what you seek.
Allah is the kindest of us all. He is the knower of our troubles and our mistakes. He forgives us even before a mother. So, it is no point in hiding anything from him. You go to him for all your troubles as he can take care of things of which you cannot. He can change your wife’s heart and make her forgive you.

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